We are Arianne van Reedt Dortland and Leonie Manthey, the founders of Vitacademy.

As experienced and well-educated professionals we support you and your organization in promoting mental wellbeing of your employees and to get the best out of people.

Our mission

is to contribute to a lighter, more balanced and vital world.

For most of us, work is a big part of life, which is why it’s crucial that work-life is fulfilling, challenging, and energizing.

When our basic needs are met to feel free to use our strengths, feel connected to others and live according to our values, we become engaged. Engaged workers show improved wellbeing, vitality and productivity, and are less likely to get sick or leave.

As such, investing in the wellbeing of people is beneficial for both employees and organizations. We offer training and coaching to promote engagement and sustainable employability, drawing on our expertise as managers, psychologists, vitality and lifestyle coaches, yoga teachers and epidemiological researchers. With this unique set of skills we love to help people reach their full potential.

Our method

We use the proven effective methods Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Solution-Focused Therapy (SFT), Lifestyle Management and Yoga Nidra.

ACT focuses on how we, despite inevitable struggles, can discover our values and strengths with respect to work, health and private life, and live up to them in a mindful, confident and engaged manner. Our values then form a lighthouse which guides us through the turbulent sea that life can be and on which we sometimes feel adrift. SFT supports in taking effective steps on this journey. Yoga Nidra deeply relaxes body and mind and takes us to a deeper layer of our consciousness, which perpetuates new patterns.

Taylored plan

Next to our standard programs we offer taylored individual and team coaching, trainings, workshops, and lunch talks adjusted to the specific needs of your organization.

We are trained in effective training programs to build resilience, manage stress and promote healthy lifestyle choices. Additionally, individual or group-based coaching provides an opportunity for the joint and sustainable development of effective solutions. 

We’re eager to know, what topics are most pressing for your company?


Our experience

We met during our PhD in medicine and are growing together ever since. We are both psychologist and epidemiologist with management experience in large and smaller organisations. Moreover, Leonie is vitaliy coach using ACT and university trainer and developer of systemic coaching; Arianne is psychotherapist, ACT trainer and yoga nidra teacher. 

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