Arianne van Reedt Dortland, PhD

Early in my career, I experienced the importance of selfcare by living and working according to my values and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Like many others I had been trying for a long time to make everything work: having inspiring work, being a good employer, partner, parent and friend. Playing all these roles was getting heavier, which forced me to choose a healthier path that suited me better. Now, as an experienced psychotherapist, international manager, epidemiologic researcher and yoga teacher I coach others to find their path.

My attitude is open and empathetic and clients often say that they feel safe and seen with me. Based on your question, we make a taylored plan. 

I mainly use techniques from acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT, a modern form of cognitive behavioral therapy in which living attentively to your values and learning to listen less to obstructive thoughts is central), mindfulness, lifestyle management and yoga nidra.


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