The wellbeing ambassador role includes

….becoming a facilitative leader in promoting and coordinating staff wellbeing programs, resources and events
… building personal skills in (promoting) wellbeing, communication and facilitation

Are you enthousiastic about wellbeing?

Within 6 days, over the course of 6 months, you become a dedicated, facilitative leader that knows how to increase your own and your colleagues wellbeing so that you all dedicatedly reach your full potential.

Day 1-3 you experience tools yourself and learn to apply them in your team.

Day 4-6 are about how you become a catalyst within the organisation: how do you involve HR, team leads and other important people so that wellbeing is supported throughout the company.

In between we’ll have online meetings for intervision, and we adapt the program to the culture and what’s already available in the organisation.


6 days
3999 euro pp ex VAT


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